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partner with Squarefoot in India to launch a carpet recycling initiative

How to recycle used flooring when it comes to the end of its life? Often covered in glue, bits of concrete and other chemical residues from years of use... the answer is not so simple! And another challenge is : how to re-use this recycled materials to transform waste into valuable resources? It’s one challenge we’re rising to: we are happy to announce the launch of a new carpet recycling initiative in India with our Channel Partner SquareFoot. 


Carpet recycling

We offer our customers to collect on their renovation jobsites the used Carpet Tiles and to recycle both the backing and the yarn. The backing material is upcycled in the automobile and construction industries, while the yarn is used to make recycled paper bags (as you can see in the picture). When others see rubbish, we see an opportunity to turn waste into valuable, reusable materials. This is another step forward in our circular economy strategy.

In September 2022, we have finished removing 590 sqm of used carpet rolls in a renovation project in Mumbai, India. We partnered with our local distributor Square Foot Flooring to organize the removal, collection, and transfer to the recycling facility in India. The used carpet has been recycled into raw materials that are used in other industries! This project participates in our 2030 ambition to decrease our carbon emissions by 30% thorough our value chain compared to 2019. 

Carpet Recycling India - Tarkett Asia Carpet Recycling India - Tarkett Asia
Carpet Recycling India - Tarkett Asia Carpet Recycling India - Tarkett Asia

Please Contact Us to learn more about this new service available in India! Tarkett Asia is currently working on extending this service to more Asian countries in the coming years.

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