How to remove urine from carpets?

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Here are the steps to remove Urine from carpets:

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Dab the area (Urgent) 

Apply Vinegar

Apply Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Detergent

Let’s dive into a more detailed look at the steps of the Urine removal tutorial.  

Step 1: Dab The Area If Still Wet (Urgent)

The first and most urgent step is to dab the area using a cloth (or paper towel) if the carpet area is still wet.

Note: do not rub the cloth against the stain. 

Doing so would only rub the urine into the carpet, which is more likely to make the stain permanent. 

Step 2: Vinegar

Next, we’ll want to create eco-friendly carpet cleaning products.  The reason we want to avoid some off-the-shelve cleaning products is that they contain harmful chemicals. Learn more about this in our recent blog post on eco-friendly carpet cleaning.  The first solution you need to apply is a mix of vinegar and water. Vinegar Is made from acetic acid, powerful enough to dissolve the urine in your carpet. You can use any container to mix the solution. From there, you can pour the solution onto your carpet and scrub it very lightly. Make sure to let the area dry completely before moving on to the next step. 

Step 3: Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best DIY products you can use to remove the smell from the stain. Cover the spot in a thick layer of baking soda, and cover it with a damp towel. Let the damp towel and the baking soda sit there for 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Detergent 

Finally, we need a little finisher step which may be optional depending on how strong the stain is. But this step will help you get the targeted area smelling nice and fresh again and neutralize the remains of the stain. Choose one or both of the methods suggested down below. 

Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Detergent

Mix water with hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of dish soap. Then use it to scrub the area gently – this will help remove the last smells.  Once the solution has dried, you can also vacuum the targeted area. 

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