How to choose a pet-friendly floor?

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How To Choose A Pet-Friendly Floor

Pets can be hard on your flooring.  You need to take into consideration your pets when you are looking at getting new flooring.  Their nail can leave scratches and they can have accidents in the home.  All of these things need to be taken into consideration when you are looking at getting new flooring.  Fortunately, we are a nation that loves its pets and so, newspec carpet manufacturers have come up with some solutions.

After our testing and observation, as well as customer feedback and investigation, we selected several carpets suitable for pets:


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Even if your pet is very well trained, accidents happen.  They have a bathroom accident or maybe spill their water bowl.  There are many ways that the flooring could become wet from your pet, even from them coming in from the outdoors or after a bath.  Because of this, flooring that is waterproof is best. However, at the least water resistance will work.  

When looking for the best flooring for dogs, you need to understand that they have nails that can leave scratches are mars.  Because of this, you will need scratch-resistant.  This is especially true for those that have larger pets or more active pets that will go running and sliding throughout the home.  Find a type of flooring where the scratches will blend in and not stand out might be another option to look at.

The best Pet flooring options and things to look for.

You, of course, will also have to look at the cost and the budget that you have. While there is a lot of different flooring types that meet the above criteria, it can be narrowed down by the budget at times.  Your budget is what you have set aside for this particular project.  When you are speaking to a flooring expert you should share your budget as well a what materials you like. 

Aesthetics are important for our flooring.  They are one of the main components of a room and should be considered when looking at the different types of flooring.   What is the look that you want to give the room?  Do you like dark or light flooring?  The best flooring for pets comes in a wide variety of options.  Let’s take a look at some of the best floors for pets that meets the needs of pet owners.

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Tile and Stone Flooring

Tile or stone flooring is some of the most durable floorings out there.  However, it can be a bit hard and cold so it is recommended that you put down some rugs for your pets to sleep on and enjoy.  Tile and stone flooring is easy to clean and stain-resistant.  It can endure nails and doesn’t scratch easily.  This type of flooring will fit the needs of all kinds of different budgets as well.

Cork Flooring

This is another great option that will take on your pets’ messes with ease.  It has microbial flooring properties.  Cork flooring also offers the benefits of softening your pet’s steps.  It is scratch-resistant but there are other flooring options that are better.  

Other flooring options are bamboo flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, and engineered hardwood.  Some flooring that isn’t the best pet flooring are carpet, traditional laminates, and solid hardwood flooring as these can be damaged easily by pet accidents. 

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