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Without a doubt, the world of Commercial office design has changed dramatically in the past few years. After spending years working & catering to clients from home, business owners are changing the way they approach office design for numerous reasons. Here are the top commercial office fitout design trends we've been seeing in 2022.

Embrace natural light

Business owners are embracing the power of natural light. Commercial window treatments help control your lighting, provide UV protection and even double as decor. The best part is commercial window treatments can help promote energy efficiency and save you money by keeping your place cool in the summertime and insulated in the winter.

Santiago style office commercial carpet with cheap price

Santiago style office commercial carpet with cheap price

Screen shades and shadings give your space a more modern sleek look that is on trend these days.

Commercial Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades


Window blinds provide a more traditional look for your commercial office.

Accent Walls

Adding a dash of color and design through an accent wall is becoming increasingly more popular in commercial office design. Accent walls help tell the story of your brand with interior design. It is a chance for a company to show off its personality.

Desert style office carpet tiles customized

Desert style office carpet tiles customized

Mixing Design elements

Current office designs are pairing more design elements together to create unique spaces. We are seeing this trend pop in flooring as well. Designing spaces that mix hard and soft surfaces together is becoming increasingly popular as a small commercial office space design idea

We are also seeing offices play with different patterns and designs within the same space.

Anniston Style 24x24 inch carpet tiles Customized from factory China

Anniston Style 24x24 inch carpet tiles Customized from factory


Having the proper acoustic solution is vital in an office setting, now more than ever. Employees have become used to working from home where there are fewer distractions and more sound control. Coming back to the office may seem overwhelming at first so business owners are combating this issue by designing office spaces with acoustics in mind. Carpet Tiles & broadloom carpets are popular flooring choices for noise absorption.

cardiff style customized office carpet tiles

cardiff style customized office carpet tiles

Typically thicker luxury vinyl tiles that have a 5mm in thickness are naturally more sound absorbing.

York - commercial carpet flooring sales

York - commercial carpet flooring sales

Color & Patterns

The days of boring and plain work offices are gone. Commercial office interior design is taking a page from color psychology when it comes to its interior. Color affects mood and behavior. Business owners are choosing office spaces that have happier, calming colors and patterns as a way to entice employees and customers back into the office. Using the right color and pattern in your commercial space can promote productivity and contentment with work. Check out more about color psychology on our blog.

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